It’s about understanding the language of the market. This module enables a student to;

  • Understand the trend and identify high probability opportunities.
  • Manage risk.
  • Able to write your own trading plan.
  • Able to trade in any market viz. Equity, Commodity or Currency.
  • Able to time the entry and exit.
  • Able to ignore the randomness of the market, media noise.
  • Take your own trading decisions.
  • Cut your losses short and generate positive returns.
  • Experience more disciplined trading and be self-dependent.

Q1. What is Technical Analysis?
A method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume. Or in other words it is a study of market action primarily through the study of charts to forecast the future price trends.

Q2. Who should learn this art?
1. Someone who is new to the markets.
2. Someone who is tired of giving losses to the markets but wishes to fight back with proper training.
3. Someone who is not able to generate sufficient returns as one should from the given capital.
4. Someone who believes that, to win any game one must learn the rules before playing. You could be a student, Trader, Investor, Financial Advisor, Broker, Sub broker, Housewife etc.

Q3. What infrastructure does it involve?
A computer/Laptop, Internet connection, *Trading account, *charting software
* Necessary assistance will be provided.

Q4. Is T.A useful for trading commodities?
Technical analysis can be applied to invariably any tradable asset class viz. Stocks, Commodities, Currency etc.

Q5. What is the objective of this course?
1. To generate rationale approach towards your trading behavior.
2. To impart skills like Proper Stock selection, Deciding entry and exit points.
3. Enable you to take all the market related decisions yourself.
Viz Suitable Stop losses, Targets etc.

Q6. What’s the eligibility criteria to join the course?
Anyone with basic knowledge of computers and stock market can immensely benefit from the programme.

Q7. What is so unique about this programme?
You get to learn the practical application of the principles of technical analysis.

Q8. What’s the course content?
Details are given below


Introduction & General Discussion on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS
Candlestick charting
Volume, Support Resistance, Breakouts
Pattern Study: Double/Triple/Rounding Tops/Bottoms, Head & Shoulder, Rectangles, Pennants, Flags
Pattern Study: Trendlines, Gap Theory
Indicators: Moving Average, RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands etc.
Dow Theory, Fibonacci Retracement
Practical Trading using candlesticks and Indicators
Charting Software Training
Day / Swing Trading and Money Management
Trading Psychology

PROGRAMME DURATION: 5 weekends (30 hours)
FEES (With GST): Rs. 18,000