Online Classroom

Students can attend online classes and learn the various modules on stock market seamlessly.

Our virtual platform has very simple user interface which lets you focus on your learning – not the technology. The easy-to-use tool works on any operating system, requires no installation or changes in the user’s system or training; offers browser-like tabbed interface and MS Office like keyboard shortcuts. You simply have to log in to start your class.

Salient Features of the virtual classroom

  • Advanced whiteboard.
  • Live audio and video communication
  • Text chat for easy and effective real-time communication
  • Online PowerPoint, Word Presentations, PDF’s, screen sharing and more.
  • Virtual raise hand feature.

We provide you a session, which would introduce you how to make use of the Virtual Classes – freeing you from infrastructural, logistical and travelling issues.

Teaching Methodology

  1. A typical session begins with a 10 min quiz, in order to assess your previous sessions understanding.

  2. Theoretical clarity about new topics in hand.
  3. Practical examples and case studies.
  4. Home Assignments
  5. Doubt clearing.

Required Infrastructure

The Minimum Requirements for Running Virtual Classroom are:

  • Operating System/Web Browsers/Accessories
  • Windows XP/NT/2000/VISTA/7
  • MAC OS X onwards
  • Intel Pentium 4 or above and equivalent processor
  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Latest Flash player (10.2) and Java Runtime Environment 1.6
  • Headphones/External mic
  • Web Camera (optional)

Minimum Bandwidth Requirement (Upload and download speed should be same or close)

  • Audio only classes – 256 kbps @ each attendee end (512 kbps recommended)
  • Audio & Video classes – 512 kbps @ each attendee end (1 Mbps recommended)
  • Additional bandwidth required for Screen Sharing and Audio/Video sharing. A normal YouTube video requires 512 kbps internet connection speed for buffer free experience