Goal Planning & Financial Mathematics

The starting point for reaching any destination starts with first conceiving an idea to reach there. It is followed by a smart plan because a goal without a plan is just a wish. Setting goals is the first step in turning the intangible into the reality. Thus for us goal planning is an inseparable part of wealth creation process. First of all we must know what we want or what is the number we want to achieve and accordingly prepare the blueprint.

In our journey of wealth creation, goals are seeds of a wealth tree we want to grow. This involves imagination and visualization of your ideal future which will keep you motivated to turn your vision into reality.


In this programme you will learn to

  1. Make SMART goals.
  2. Quantify your goals
  3. Be savvy with numbers
  4. Calculate time value of money
  5. Calculate the rate of return you are getting on your investments
  6. Calculate the required rate of growth to reach your goal
  7. Calculate how much money you need to invest regularly or lump sum to meet your goals in some point of time in future.

  8. How to accumulate enough for higher education of your children, retirement, vacation, to own a house etc.

  9. Compare and choose the best among various investment avenues.

And much more!

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