Financial Literacy & Wealth Creation

If you are looking to gain control over your financial future you must know that professional skills alone cannot take you there. You need to imbibe a critical sense of money and grow in financial knowledge, attitude and skills for overall wellbeing

This module draws its content from various subjects viz. Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Investment, Taxation, Psychology, Personal Finance, Insurance, Financial Mathematics etc. blending concepts and its applications to be applicable in our day to day life.

  • Basics of Savings and Investment ­– Introduction to various avenues
  • Introduction to Stock Market
  • Goal Planning and Financial Mathematics.
  • Passive Investment – Market and Sector Valuation, Smart Entry & Exit, Enemies of Wealth Creation, Risk Management

  • Dow Theory
  • Technical Analysis – Charting, Trend Analysis, Support, Resistance, Candlesticks, etc

  • Derivatives – Futures & Options
  • Sound Stock Picking Techniques
  • Market Psychology and Biases
  • Engage you to understand the basics of savings, investment and growth
  • Complete understanding of stock market mechanism
  • Learn ways to minimise stock market risk and capital loss.
  • Understand various risks and equip to manage them
  • Enable you to evaluate various avenues to convert money into wealth
  • Empower you to undertake sound financial decisions resulting in holistic wellbeing
  • Use various asset classes to create desired wealth and convert your dreams into reality.

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to:

  • Gain knowledge about financial markets
  • Acquire skills to make, better financial decisions
  • Accumulate wealth for life’s various goals viz. House, Higher education for children, Retirement, World Tour etc.


  • The Programme fee is Rs 25,000 including Taxes
  • The Duration is 30-33 hours ( 5 weekends)
  • All cheques /DD payments should be made in Favour of “WIN THE MARKETS”; Payable at New Delhi

  • Online payments or Direct deposits can be made in IDBI Bank, IFSC Code IBKL0001008, Current a/c no. 1008102000007061

  • Pay through BHIM UPI by scanning the below code or transferring to winthemarkets@upi


The course is divided into 10 sessions of 3 hour each, comprising theory, practical and assignments.