Who we are?

We are an organisation committed to spreading financial literacy, to help you imbibe the Skill, Knowledge & Attitude required to make sound financial decisions.

We promote financial literacy, which involves all aspects of creating and protecting your wealth, thus bringing overall financial well being. It’s about stock market education, understanding friends and enemies of wealth creation, tools to safeguard our wealth and ways to achieve sustainable growth.

We encourage you to ask yourself:

How can i fortify my financial life and bring future well being of my family?  How should I protect as well as grow my investments?

What is the way out to achieve financial freedom?

Flooded with a wide array of financial products and services to choose from, which requires you to sieve through, analyze, and find the best for yourselves. Are you competent enough to do it?

We customise our sessions for all— for new entrants with little experience or someone who has little time to devote to this or are tired of losing money or have not been able to adequately capture the market potential.

Our programme enables you to understand yourself better, identify your goals and devise pragmatic ways to achieve them.

 Invariably everyone with the desire to earn unlimited money in a short span of time tries his or her hands in the stock market. But what is the outcome? Why only a very small section of participants are successful?

You could get bogged down by exploring all sorts of techniques viz. Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Day Trading, Wave Analysis, Gann, Magic Formula, Tips service, Automated Buy Sell software, and all sorts of other complex programmes to identify a method to this madness or you could simply come to us and learn a simpler yet powerful method of passive investment.

We help you develop conceptual clarity around the mystery involved in stock market moves, break myths and explain trade secrets threadbare in layman’s language.

The level of financial literacy is the key differentiator between the poor and the rich. Get the advantage of winning skills, knowledge and attitude.

Are you New to stock market? Read to understand what is stock market? How it operates? Who regulates it? Understand the meaning of basic jargons used here and much more.

In our journey of wealth creation goal planning is the stepping stone of converting the invisible into visible destinations. It’s an exercise to create the blueprint of the wealth tree you want to grow.

Read on to get the pearls of wisdom from the successful investors of this world. What they think? How they judge and make decisions? Their values and belief system.


To spread financial literacy and empower the common investors to deliver the most uncommon results by skilfully managing all aspects of their financial life.

Clients & Testimonials

  • Thanks a ton for sharing the secrets of wealth creation, preservation and sustainable growth. The language and examples used through out the course were lucid. Now i am confident that i will definitely achieve all my goals.

    Mayank Srivastava
  • The course is a true eye opener for someone who does not have faith in stock markets.

  • Win The Markets is the best place to acquire financial skills that can be used throughout one’s life and even passed on to the next generation.

    Jaya Sengupta
  • Deep gratitude for making me financially literate. Now i can take financial decisions independently and achieve my various goals in life viz providing for my child’s higher education, a dream home, vacation and a leisurely retirement life with my spouse.

    Atul Kumar